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07 March 2011 EUMINAfab

EUMINAfab opens 4th Call

EUMINAfab: the European Research Infrastructure for multimaterial micro and nano fabrication and characterization opens the 4th call for no fee access to 36 installations containing equipment to high end micro and nano technologies.

Researchers from both research and industry based in EU member or associated states may apply for access to one or more of the 36 installations based at our partner sites across Europe. Proposals are subject to Peer review; and are intended for publication by the users. EUMINAfab is funded by FP7 Capacities programme which covers the cost of user access.

With this call the existing capabilities will be added to by the offer of four new installations by our partners.

The main additions are at CEA-Liten where our injection molding capabilities have been increased by the addition of two latest generation machines, Also at CEA is the installation Sol Gel which uses dip coating and spin coating to deposit films of inorganic polymer networks or hybrid organic/inorganic materials.

Characterisation of parts with an accuracy of 200nm is now possible by X-Ray tomography suitable for the internal inspection of parts and searching of hidden defects. The instrument can also be used for the comparison of fabricated parts with the original CAD design.

KIT now offers facilities in their Plating statino. Metal patterns with high aspect ratio and feature sizes as low as nanoscale can be manufactured by electroforming which uses lithographic resist patterns as templates.

Please see our project web site for details of all our technologies and download a copy of our user guidelines.

Our road-mapping work package has identified two “Hot Topics”. We have launched an on-line questionnaire which will be used to validate these hot spots and identify barriers to development. You are welcome to complete the questionnaire which is to be found on the web site.

For further information on EUMINAfab please contact: Scientific Coordinator or User office

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