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01 April 2011 IoN

Eye Spy a Porkie Pie

The i-Fibs Sensor Lens
The i-Fibs Sensor Lens.

After months of research, the Institute of Nanotechnology is delighted to announce a breakthrough in the cutting edge science of polygraphic systems – commonly known as lie detectors – using a basic contact lens and unique sensor technology in the form of highly sensitive gold nanoparticles.

Based on the principles of the traditional polygraph test, this new device called the i-FibsTM can monitor a person's physiological reactions when engaging in deceptive behaviour. When a person is being economical with the truth, it can place their body under a degree of stress which will manifest in symptoms such as an alteration in respiratory rate, heart rate, blood pressure, and electro-dermal activity or perspiration. These fluctuations can all be indicative of suspect demeanour but it is the last of these symptoms that is crucial to this ground-breaking detection system.

The novel polygraphic lenses are impregnated with highly sensitive gold nanoparticles which, scientists have discovered, are able to detect moisture droplets from a distance of 1 metre. The particles act as capacitors separated by air, which acts as a dielectric in a wider nano circuit. On sensing an increase in moisture levels on the skin surface, such as the face or hands, the circuit completes and emits a high pitched wavelength to the rhythm of ‘Liar Liar pants on fire’.

The true advantage of this novel technology is that the target individual remains unaware that this analysis is taking place. Richard Moore, Manager of Life Sciences and Nanomedicine said yesterday, “The lion and the calf shall lie down together but the calf won't get much sleep.” The Institute of Nanotechnology is now working on its next project: a THz detector for illegal smuggling of pigs in air freight.

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Comment Author Icon Prail Olof
Comment Date IconPosted on 2011-04-01 at 10:56:59
This is a truly remarkable breakthrough. I’m currently road testing the device myself but failed to understand the lion and calf analogy...unless the high pitched wavelength rhythm is actually "Lion, Lion, pants are fryin’ ..."


Comment Author Icon Luke Nolt
Comment Date IconPosted on 2011-04-02 at 10:07:11
I love it =o) You had me up until the i-Fibs haha!!


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