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30 May 2011 NanoMicroClub

Glasgow Showcases Leading Nanotechnology Expertise

The NMC meeting brought together leading nanotechnology experts to discuss new research
The NMC meeting brought together leading nanotechnology experts to discuss new research.
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Last week’s NanoMicroClub meeting was a "huge eye opener" says Del Stark, Business Development Manager. The meeting showcased new advances in Optoelectronics and Injection Moulded Nanostructures that could be used in new medical applications.

The University of Glasgow was the setting for the Institute of Nanotechnology’s latest business networking meeting on the topic of Biomedical Applications in Nanotechnology. The meeting, delivered in partnership with the University’s KTA (Knowledge Transfer Account), brought together leading nanotechnology experts to discuss new research being developed at the University. Del said, "the University of Glasgow is well known for its many exciting breakthroughs in lithography and fabrication, but today we learned about incredible advances being developed in nanomedicine."

Scottish based companies such as Renishaw Diagnostics Ltd and Point-2-Point Genomics discussed new methods for infectious disease diagnosis which served to highlight how big an impact Scottish research will have on future biomedicine. Many of these new diagnostic tools will provide rapid analysis for fast patient diagnosis and ultimately save lives.

Scotland is also home to world leading experts researching toxicity issues related to nanomaterials and Professor Vicki Stone from Heriot-Watt University presented recent findings regarding physicochemical characteristics and nano toxicity, while Dr Steve Hankin from SafeNano described their contributions to recent government studies.

Richard Moore, Nanomedicine and Lifesciences Manager from the Institute of Nanotechnology closed the meeting with some thought provoking questions related to privacy, patient care and clinicians adopting new technologies.

The NanoMicroClub acts to provide a platform for business development and networking and Thursday’s highly successful meeting brought together over 60 delegates. Delegates reported that they "found the meeting very interesting and useful for making contacts" and that it was "a concise meeting covering several different aspects of nanotechnology and the broader issues the development of nanotechnology raises."

Neil Bowering, KTA Manager at the University of Glasgow, said that "the event was a resounding success, with some excellent presentations and discussions. I am aware of three follow-up meeting taking place the following day and hopefully these will lead to new partnerhships or collaborations. Given some of the unique challenges in the commercialisation of nanotechnologies, such events provide an excellent opportunity for companies, entrapenuers and academics to discuss opportunties and share best practices."

To find out how you can access the proceedings and to join future NanoMicroClub events please contact Del Stark on or tel: +44 (0)141 303 8444.

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