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21 June 2011 SciDev

EU agreement aims to strengthen Argentinian nanotechnology efforts

Agueda Menvielle, national director of International Relations at the Ministry, told that they seek to create a "technology platform similar to the European platforms to achieve greater coordination between the public, the scientific and technological system and the private sector ".

For example, there will be a training program for entrepreneurs and SMEs in technical innovation and strategic issues related to micro and nanotechnologies.

In addition, from 2012 will be made public calls for financing joint research projects led by consortia of SMEs and research and development (R & D) Argentina and support to incubators specializing in nanotechnology.

"Assistance will be provided to R & D and universities to improve transfer mechanisms and linking scientific system with the private sector. In this sense, will build on existing experience in the European Union" said Menvielle.

The initiative involves 18 universities and 17 national laboratories and R & D. Centers will also help international R & D.

Tognalli Nicholas, Ph.D. and researcher at the Instituto Balseiro in nanotechnology National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET), said that this initiative is key to linking the technological requirements of SMEs in the supply of knowledge generated by research in the area of ​​nanoscience.

"For the result to be successful, a strong interaction between the two is essential. This relationship is unusual in Argentina, so this initiative is highly relevant, " said Tognalli.

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