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27 June 2011 IoN

FP7 NanoSustain Life Cycle Analysis Training Workshop

26th & 27th September 2011, University of Bremen

FP7 NanoSustain Project
FP7 NanoSustain Project.
Image Credit: IoN.

Life cycle assessment (LCA) is the most comprehensive and promising methodology today to evaluate the environmental impact associated with a product. LCA deals with the entire life cycle of a material or product in relation to possible environmental consequences caused by production or release.

In recent years, nanotechnology based materials and applications have been increasingly assessed by LCA-studies. However, a review of these studies indicates that a large number of uncertainties and data gaps remain to be addressed, in particular regarding the LCA of nanoproducts. Limited data is available today on material and energy input, and on environmental releases rates, derived from manufacture and transport, or on the ultimate fate of nanocomponents and nanoproducts.

The European FP7 project NanoSustain ( is organising a 2-day workshop on life-cycle assessment (LCA) of manufactured nanomaterials and nanotechnology based applications, at the University of Bremen, Germany, on the 26th & 27th September 2011.

The aim of this specific LCA workshop is to provide an overview on current R&D activities in Europe in this particular field, to present and discuss the LCA work carried out within the NanoSustain project in the light of the latest findings, and to introduce relevant tools to assess the life cycle impact of nanomaterials. Current methods used for LCA, LCIA and the available software for LCA modelling will be demonstrated. The main focus will be on individual manufacturing processes and other life cycle phases (such as recycling or disposal) including the total life cycle of nanomaterials.

We would like to invite you to actively participate in this Workshop, and to contribute to this training event. We particularly welcome key experts to give a short presentation (30 minutes) of their work related to LCA of nanomaterials or products.

The Workshop is addressing post-graduate students, young, and experienced researchers, in particular from projects within the EU Nanosafety cluster, but also LCA specialists in relevant industries, governments and NGOs.

The University of Bremen, Department of ‘Technology Design and Development’, one of the leading experts on the LCA and prospective technological assessment of nanomaterials and related applications, and the LCA specialist within NanoSustain, will implement the workshop.

Participation is free of charge and the outcome and proceedings of the meeting will be published at the NanoSustain website and as a suitable paper document.

The 'Invitation and call for presentations' is available for download at ; the call for presentations closes on 5th July 2011. Further information can be obtained by contacting

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