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01 July 2011 REINSTE

Nano silver range of products to be launched in India

Reinste Nano Ventures Private Limited (REINSTE) located at New Delhi, India has signed an agreement with Silanotex GmbH, Germany for bringing the most advanced range of Nano silver based products in India

Nano silver is considered as the most potent agent in recent times for inhibition, control and eliminating almost 600 types of bacteria, funguses, microbes and viruses. With test results having excellent benefits of nano silver related applications and products, nano silver is now considered a panacea for countries like India.

Silanotex range of products include liquid silver, Masterbatches of nano silver impregnated resins (PA,PP, PAN, PET, ABS, PTT, PA6) ,various kind of synthetic staple fibers made of resins and also nano silver impregnated fleeces and other fabrics.

All Silanotex materials are backed by microbiological and dermatological certificates and are protected with global patent rights.

Silanotex raw materials can be used directly in textiles, plastics, paints, detergents/soaps, medical textiles and many more products to make them effective deterrent towards microbes, bacteria, fungus and viruses.

About REINSTE (website:

Reinste Nano Ventures is a new age Nanomaterials company. Reinste provides products and nanotechnology based solutions to companies. Reinste provides full range of research grade nano materials, semi finished nano products and also ready to use nano products and technologies which are useful and effective for industrial and research issues.

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