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27 July 2011 Nanotech Project

New iPhone application for using the Nanotechnology Consumer Products Inventory

findNano is a great way to discover products that rely on nanotechnology
findNano is a great way to discover products that rely on nanotechnology.
Image Credit: findNano.

findNano is a great way to discover products that rely on nanotechnology – the emerging technology of using materials in new ways by engineering them at an incredibly small scale. This inventory of manufacturer-identified nanotech consumer products is an essential resource for anyone curious about how nanotechnology is entering the marketplace. Use findNano to discover consumer products that manufacturers claim to use or are enabled by nanotechnology, everything from sporting goods to food products, and electronics to kids toys. And if you find a nano-product not on the list – no problem. Using the "submit new product" function, users can take or select a photo of the product and submit it for possible inclusion in future updates.


  • Browse over 1,000 products in categories ranging from appliances to electronics, nutritional supplements to cosmetics
  • Search for products by name, category, country, and/or company name
  • Submit nanotechnology products to be included in the inventory using your device’s camera (iPhone only) or photo library
  • Learn more about how nanotechnologies are used in consumer products
  • See how the use of nanotechnologies in consumer products has changed over time

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