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15 November 2011 IoN

IoN launches dynamic new monthly workshop programme

New Series of Workshops
New Series of Workshops.
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We are now living in an era where different technologies are converging to provide exciting new opportunities and products across almost all business sectors. Many business leaders also believe that innovation and technology will be the key to renewed growth and competitiveness in the future.

The Institute of Nanotechnology is therefore pleased to announce an exciting and dynamic new series of monthly, interactive workshops dedicated to the application of nano- and other novel and emerging technologies products across a wide range of sectors. Forthcoming workshops for the end of 2011 and the first quarter of 2012 will address developments in medicine, responsible innovation, construction and building and sports.

Advanced and Enabling Technologies in Medicine
1 December 2011, London

Novel technologies offer enormous potential benefits including much earlier diagnosis, novel procedures such as the regeneration of damaged tissues using the patient’s own cells, targeted drug therapies and a more personalised approach to medicine, but may also change the way healthcare is delivered. Several of the UK’s leading experts in advanced medical technologies will report on cutting-edge developments, medical benefits and the challenges of bringing these technologies to the clinic.

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Responsible Innovation as a Business Driver
31 January 2012, London

Responsible innovation will be a hot topic in the European Commission's forthcoming Framework Programme “Horizon 2020” and is part of the European Community's long-term vision of achieving “smart, sustainable and inclusive growth”. In this focused workshop, leading experts in the field of ethical and sustainable development and corporate responsibility will explain looming initiatives on the UK and European horizons and will offer guidance on ways to practice and demonstrate responsible innovation and, importantly, to use it as a powerful business driver and means of boosting customer confidence.

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The Smart Building of the Future
16 February 2012, London

Construction and building is a major investor in novel technologies in a number of areas. New materials offer reduced weight, greater strength and durability, better performance, reduced costs, and the replacement of many environmentally-damaging materials and processes. Advanced and enabling technologies underpin a variety of new applications in areas such solar, wind and kinetic energy harvesting, self-cleaning glass and other building components, pollution reduction, energy storage and energy conservation. A wide range of sensor and networking technologies enable buildings respond to the environment and the needs of users in “smart” ways. This exciting one-day interactive workshop will showcase a number of these novel technologies and leading experts will explain how they will help transform building design, construction and usability.

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Novel Technologies for Winning
15 March 2012, London

2012 will be a landmark year for sport in the UK with the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games coming to London. At each successive Games human endurance and performance is pushed further to the limit and, increasingly, novel materials for sportswear and products, wearable sensors and a variety of other high-tech aids and measurement systems are playing an important part in helping competitors to reach their full potential. At this one-day interactive workshop, to be held in the London Borough hosting the 2012 Olympics, you can find out how novel and advanced technologies are helping keep the UK at the forefront of sports performance and support the winners of the future.

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