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21 December 2011 Institute of Nanotechnology

Responsible innovation as a business driver

Boosting customer confidence by promoting responsible innovation

Workshop 31st Jan 2012
Workshop 31st Jan 2012.
Image Credit: IoN.

The UK has a strong tradition of scientific excellence and technological inventiveness, and innovation is widely regarded to be a critical element in Britain re-emerging from recession and improving its competitiveness in the global economy. Increasingly, there is an emphasis on “responsible innovation”, where such technological development can be seen to happen in a sustainable, safe and ethical way, with both national and European initiatives expected in the coming year.
But what do we actually mean by “responsible innovation”? What principles should underpin it? How does it fit with existing regulatory and voluntary initiatives such as industry codes of practice? What information and data will be required for companies to demonstrate it? Who will take oversight and how will the process be managed? Should “responsible innovation” also be seen as a key driver to increasing customer confidence and stimulating business in a similar way to quality management systems?

In this important forthcoming workshop, the Institute of Nanotechnology, which has taken a central role in recent projects on the governance of novel technologies and responsible research in nanotechnologies, brings together leading innovation experts to address these questions and provide practical advice on how companies can meet these challenges and demonstrate and communicate that they innovate in a responsible way.

The workshop, to be held in Central London on 31 January 2012, will be of particular interest to companies involved in producing innovative products, those involved in their supply, distribution and value chains, and key stakeholders such as investors, insurers and retailers.

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