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26 January 2012 BBC/IoN

Sports technology goes social

Sports technology goes social...
Sports technology goes social....
Image Credit: IoN.

In a recent BBC News article, technology reporter Dave Lee highlights the role innovative gadgets could play in helping motivate people into participating in sport and fitness activities. Increasingly, these are becoming integrated into social networking tools that enable an individual, for example, to upload their data to a personalised webpage which can be shared with friends and relatives as a way of showing off achievement or allowing like-minded people to egg each other on in groups. Smart devices can collect data about the user's wellness, including sleep patterns, which can be automatically posted online.

Major manufacturers such as Nike and Adidas are now investing strongly in such technologies. Nike’s Nike+ device allows runners to upload data for either their own training purposes or to share with others whilst the MiCoach device from Adidas, aimed at footballers, fits into a specially designed football boot and captures information such as how often a player sprints, how far he runs and what top speed he reaches. This can be uploaded to the internet and also powers an accompanying iPhone game in which a virtual character's ability improves depending on how hard the MiCoach user trains. Other developments include linking running with a mobile game where the runner is immersed in an unfolding storyline through headphones as he or she runs.

The forthcoming IoN interactive workshop Novel Technologies for Winning, to be held in London on 15 March 2012 close to the 2012 Olympic Village, explores how a variety of innovative technologies are contributing to sport and fitness in a variety of ways including novel materials and textiles, wearable sensors and technologies to contribute to training and fitness.


IoN will be hosting an interactive workshop Responsible Innovation as a Business Driver in London on 31 January 2012. This workshop, featuring presentations from a number key UK expert in the field, will explore both the importance of demonstrating responsible innovation in the light of forthcoming political initiatives and how it can also be an important tool to drive business and increase customer confidence.

Online registration here.

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