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02 February 2012 IoN

IoN Student Award 2011-2012 Winner Announced

Marie Krogsgaard, winner of the IoN student award 2011-12
Marie Krogsgaard, winner of the IoN student award 2011-12.
Image Credit: IoN.

The IoN is pleased to announce that Marie Krogsgaard of the Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center (iNANO) at Aarhus University has been selected as the winner of the IoN Student Award 2012. She impressed the review panel, consisting of experts from academia and industry, with her submission on “Mussel Inspired Potential Tissue Adhesives – Design, Synthesis and Characterization” in terms of technical depth and creativity, and the quality of her academic record. A short piece describing her work will be published on the IoN website next week.
This is the second year of the IoN Student Award, open to all Masters level students undertaking courses in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Entrants were assessed by the review panel against three key considerations: significance of scientific finding in their research; academic excellence; and potential impact of the research project. The winner will receive a trophy, certificate of recognition, and free student membership of the IoN. Entries for the 2012-2013 award will open in August 2012.

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