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07 February 2012 Green Building Press

Deputy Prime Minister and new Energy Secretary support green building research

'Using Nano, smart and advanced materials in design, innovation and construction'<br />Innovation Workshop - Newham College<br />Thursday 16th February 2012'<br />
'Using Nano, smart and advanced materials in design, innovation and construction'
Innovation Workshop - Newham College
Thursday 16th February 2012'
Image Credit: IoN.

During a visit to Building Research Establishment's (BRE) Innovation Park in Watford on Monday this week with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, newly appointed energy secretary Edward Davey learned about a number of ground-breaking innovations for the new building and retrofit sectors that BRE and its partners across the private sector have been working on.

Daley said during the visit "I have long believed in the need to marry our economic and environmental agendas. Greening the economy isn't just good for the planet - it's good for the wallets, purses and pockets of every British citizen too." Mr Clegg echoed the need for the UK to compete in low global carbon markets adding, "There is nothing inconsistent about doing the right thing for the planet and for the economy."

The themes of designing buildings for the low carbon economy will also be taken up at IoN's workshop 'The Smart Building of the Future' on 16 February in collaboration with Newham College in East London, with presentations on greener design and novel forms of energy capture by buildings during a full day's programme covering the application of innovative technologies across the construction sector.

Further details about the Workshop and online registration are available at

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