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29 June 2012 NanoSustain

Announcement: NanoSustain Autumn School 'New Methods for Nanoparticle Characterization'
Image Credit: NanoSustain.

17-18 September 2012,
Research Center for Microsystems and Nanotechnology atKaunas University of Technology, Lithuania

NanoSustain will organize a Nanosafety Autumn School with a focus on new emerging trends and developments in the characterization and measurement of the unique properties of engineered nanoparticles in relation to environmental, health and safety (EHS). This special dissemination event will update the state-of-the-art of scientific knowledge as well as technical tools for an integrated risk assessment in the light of results produced within the NanoSustain project. The school is aimed at young researchers (PhD students, postdocs, etc.) and will provide an interactive learning environment highlighting best practices and approaches in physicochemical characterization, (eco) toxicity testing, exposure, risk and lifecycle assessment of ENMs.

For registration and more information please contact Prof. Valentinas Snitka:

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