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24 September 2013 The Guardian

Should We Use Nanotechnology to Feed Ourselves?

stacked bacon
stacked bacon.
Image Credit: Photograph: Nino Andonis.

Global society faces a number of stark choices regarding how we produce and consume food. Quite simply, current practices are not sustainable for the growing global population and trends observed in emerging economies of adopting a consumer-heavy Western lifestyle. We need to change.

At one end of the spectrum this means returning to a simpler diet that is lower in animal products, more locally sourced, and minimizes resource use and waste; at the other a high-tech solution allowing us to control the food-chain more efficiently thus increasing productivity. It is likely to be a combination of both, as we become more aware of how and what we eat impacts the environment, and ourselves.

This panel discussion, on Wednesday, October 9, 2013 at 6 pm, chaired by The Guardian's Science and Environment Correspondent, Alok Jha, will discuss the contribution nanotechnologies can make to this, and the potential benefits and risks that go hand-in-hand.

It will reflect on the societal impacts that new technology solutions may have, on the individual and between different countries and economies, and will include representatives from industry, academia, NGO's and government agencies.

If you are interested in taking part then please send an email to: Alternatively, you can register online on The Guardian's website (link below).

This event is a deliverable of the EC funded FP7 project Nanopinion (

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