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25 November 2013 Amazon

Nanomedical Device and Systems Design: Challenges, Possibilities, Visions

Author: Frank J. Boehm

A new book, written by Frank J. Boehm
A new book, written by Frank J. Boehm.
Image Credit: CRC Press.

Nanomedical Device and Systems Design: Challenges, Possibilities, Visions serves as a preliminary guide toward the inspiration of specific investigative pathways that may lead to meaningful discourse and significant advances in nanomedicine/nanotechnology. This volume considers the potential of future innovations that will involve nanomedical devices and systems. It endeavors to explore remarkable possibilities spanning medical diagnostics, therapeutics, and other advancements that may be enabled within this discipline. In particular, this book investigates just how nanomedical diagnostic and therapeutic devices and systems might ultimately be designed and engineered to accurately diagnose and eradicate pathogens, toxins, and myriad disease states.

This text utilizes an author conceptualized exemplar nanodevice and system, the Vascular Cartographic Scanning Nanodevice (VCSN), to explore various prospective design considerations that might facilitate and enable selected functionalities of advanced autonomous nanomedical devices. It showcases a diverse group of expert contributing authors, who describe actual laboratory-based research aimed at the advancement of nanomedical capabilities. It also articulates more highly conceptual nanomedical possibilities and visions relating to the implementation of nanomedical technologies in remote regions and the developing world, as well as nanomedicine in space applications, human augmentation, and longevity.

  • Investigates nanomedical diagnostic and therapeutic strategies that might be applied in remote regions and the developing world
  • Discusses how nanomedicine might be utilized in space applications, inclusive of spacesuits, spacecraft, future human habitats on the Moon and Mars, and deep space
  • Covers how nanomedicine may be implemented in selected forms of human augmentation and toward the potentially radical extension of the human life span

Product details

Hardcover: 787 pages
Publisher: CRC Press; 1 edition (13 Nov 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0849374987
ISBN-13: 978-0849374982

About the author

Frank Boehm has been involved with nanotechnology and especially nanomedicine since 1996, which has inspired the development of numerous concepts and designs for advanced nanomedical diagnostic and therapeutic components, devices, and systems to potentially address myriad disease states. His aim is to develop and transform these concepts into real-world applications for global benefit. Over the last decade, Frank has managed to engage the interest of Canadian, U.S. and International researchers in his nanomedical concepts, and in 2009 he formed the startup company, NanoApps Medical, Inc. The aim of this company is to investigate and develop advanced, innovative, and cost-effective nanomedical diagnostic and therapeutic devices and systems for the benefit of individuals in both the developing and developed worlds.

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