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EU NanoSafety Cluster - Key Global NanoSafety Database Survey

NSC logo and WG4
NSC logo and WG4.
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The EU NanoSafety Cluster WG4 (Database) announces immediate availability of an online NanoSafety Database Survey, at:

This survey is a first in a biannual continuous effort and attempt to collect, organise and share up-to-date information about NanoSafety related databases worldwide. The resulting list of databases will continuously be updated with new valuable insight along its development. The objective is to help owners and administrators of NanoSafety related databases to broaden awareness of their databases and to ensure interoperability of data.

The survey is split into sections with questions and multiple choice type options. Topics typically cover aspects like; who is the owner of the database; what are the contents of database; how to access the data; how the data is organised; intellectual property aspects; data download instructions; semantic technologies; and funding availability/proceeds.

It should not take more than 15 minutes of your time to complete the survey, and many questions are optional. We kindly ask you to please complete the survey by April 18th, 2014.

We appreciate if you forward this email to other experts we may have missed or send us names and contact details of other experts to whom we can distribute the survey.


About the NanoSafety Cluster

The NanoSafety Cluster is an EC initiative to maximise the synergies between the past, ongoing and future FP7 nanosafety projects. Each of these projects addresses key aspects of nanosafety, including toxicology, ecotoxicology, exposure assessment, risk assessment, standardisation, and mechanisms of interaction. There are currently almost 40 such projects.

To improve coordination and communication between the large body of partners, there are now eight Working Groups. Regular meetings in person and online ensure that there are growing synergies between projects and project partners so that resources can be shared, duplication of effort can be avoided, and new developments can be expedited.

How to contribute, participate and engage:

1. The NanoSafetyCluster Events Calendar
Submit your events to the Events Calendar
- Fill in the details of your event here for inclusion in the calendar:
- The NSC Events Calendar is now on the NSC homepage at
- Search for events by 'Event type'
- Browse month by month to save the date and avoid event clashes

2. The NanoSafetyCluster LinkedIn Group
Join the new NSC LinkedIn group at:
- Extend your professional/academic network
- Post and receive announcements, newsletter links, viewpoints, and publication news
- Forge new collaborations

3. The NanoSafetyCluster on twitter
- Follow @EUNanosafety and engage with one person or the whole community
- Build and expand your contact base in related stakeholder groups and communities

4. The NanoSafetyCluster Newsletter
Subscribe to the Newsletter and submit your news too
- Sign up to receive the next issue as well as NSC bulletins
- Submit news, events, articles and research updates here

5. The NanoSafety Cluster Compendium of Projects 2014
The NSC Compendium 2014: The 'go to' resource for all things NSC
- The Compendium 2014 will be launched at the end of April
- Comprehensive information about the NSC Projects and Working Groups
- Contributions and roadmaps from the US-EU Communities of Interest

Subscribe to the Working Groups' own mailing lists here:

Source: Axel Mustad, WG4 NanoSafety Cluster /...

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