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NanoKTN and Institute of Nanotechnology Launch International NanoMicroClub for Global Investment

INMC to Offer UK SMEs Opportunities to Network at Key International Events

The NanoMicroClub - your network for international growth
The NanoMicroClub - your network for international growth.
Image Credit: Institute of Nanotechnology.

The Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network (NanoKTN), one of the UK’s primary knowledge-based networks for Micro and Nanotechnologies, and the Institute of Nanotechnology (IoN), have announced a collaboration that will encourage and support global business development for UK SMEs.

The partnership will see the launch of the International NanoMicroClub (INMC) and the opportunity for selected SMEs to host workshops at three major international events, offering vital networking opportunities.

If the future of UK nanotechnology is going to be securely embedded in the global market, we need to ensure UK SMEs are including international business development and collaboration in the marketing mix. However, with international marketing known to cost around 14 times the equivalent domestic marketing budget, it limits the international interaction that a UK SME can undertake. International business development therefore poses a significant barrier to SMEs, which this project seeks to address.

The INMC was created through a partnership between the NanoKTN and IoN and builds on the IoN’s existing NanoMicroClub. The club aims to provide a platform for UK micro and nanotechnology companies to network and engage internationally with global markets, previously inaccessible due to a lack of funding. The club will be taking UK based companies developing nanotechnologies to three well known and highly regarded international events and highlighting them to an international audience through specific and pre arranged networking and brokerage sessions. Building on networks developed within the NanoKTN and IoN, the INMC partnering workshops will comprise short presentations from UK delegates, followed by facilitated one-on-one meetings between company principals.

“The INMC aims to help SME’s project themselves into important export markets through research, collaboration and business development. Commercial outcomes from international deals may take time but this only reinforces the need to provide support to SMEs for international business development,” explains Alec Reader, Director of the NanoKTN.

“This sort of framework of support in the early stages can make the difference between success and failure and is crucially important to the UK nanotechnology market.”

The three events that are planned cover the three major trading areas, USA, Europe and Japan. Each event will have a particular theme specific to the trading strength of each area. The first event in the USA will be at the NSTI conference in Anahiem, CA and will be themed around the bio-nanotechnology area. Further events in Europe and Japan are planned in the last quarter of 2010 and first quarter of 2011 respectively. Further details of these events will be available in due course.

“The NanoMicroClub has been assisting UK nanotechnology companies for over five years as it has provided a networking platform to assist companies in accessing new customers and routes to market. Our new partnership with the NanoKTN will allow us to really go global and strengthen our successful formula” states Del Stark, Business Development Manager of the Institute of Nanotechnology.

For more information about the INMC, please contact Del Stark at the Institute of Nanotechnology on 0141 303 8444 or via email on Established by the Technology Strategy Board, the NanoKTN is managed by Centre for Process Innovation Ltd, a leading technology development and consulting company.

About NanoKTN: The NanoKTN facilitates the transfer of knowledge and experience between industry and research, offering companies dealing in small-scale technology access to information on new processes, patents and funding as well as keeping up-to-date with industry regulation. The four broad areas that the NanoKTN focuses on are: Promoting and facilitating knowledge exchange, supporting the growth of UK capabilities, raising awareness of Nanotechnology, and providing thought leadership and input to UK policy and strategy.

About Knowledge Transfer Networks (KTNs): KTNs ( have been set up by government, industry and academia to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and experience between industry and the science base. They bring together diverse organisations and provide activities and initiatives that promote the exchange of knowledge and the stimulation of innovation in these communities. The first KTNs were set up in 2005 and the network continues to grow. They are active in sectors, technologies and market-based areas and they interact strongly with the government’s Technology Programme and overall technology strategy.

About CPI: The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) was established by One NorthEast as a UK wide resource to stimulate and drive innovation within the Process Industry. Working with global industry partners and leading research universities CPI is committed to delivering world-class, groundbreaking applied research and development.

About The Technology Strategy Board: The Technology Strategy Board ( is a business-led executive nondepartmental public body, established by the government. Its role is to promote and support research into, and development and exploitation of, technology and innovation for the benefit of UK business, in order to increase economic growth and improve the quality of life.

About Institute of Nanotechnology: The Institute of Nanotechnology (IoN) is a membership organisation, established in 1997, that works closely with government, industry, and academia to support the responsible development of nanotechnology for the benefit of wider society. It provides industry and governments with intelligence on nanotechnology and its applications and has produced a number of important milestone publications. Early on, the Institute supported the UK Government in the formulation of its policy in nanotechnology in a variety of ways - from undertaking benchmarking exercises to leading fact-finding missions to major nanotechnology centres and companies across Europe and in the USA.

Providing over 13 years of activities and project provision including: the NanoMicroClub, NanoMedNet, NanoChina including projects such as observatoryNANO, European Space Agency, A Nanotechnology and Materials Strategy for Scottish Industry; NanoRoadMap, Nanoforum, Framing Nano, NanoCharM, ENRHES, ICPC NanoNet and NANO TV.

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