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26 March 2010 JACS

Nanogap Silver Atomic Quantum Clusters shown to electrocatalyse alcohols

STM image shows the flat, one atom high, structure of silver atomic quantum clusters
STM image shows the flat, one atom high, structure of silver atomic quantum clusters.
Image Credit: JACS.

In a recent publication in the prestigious Journal of the Americam Chemical Society (JACS) Arturo Lopez Quintela and co-workers have demonstrated that Silveratomic quantum clusters (Ag AQCs), with two or three silver atoms, supplied by Nanogap, show electrocatalytic activities that are not found in nanoparticles or in bulk silver.

Ag AQCs supported on glassy carbon electrodes oxidize ethanol and other alcohols in macroscopic electrochemical cells in acidic and basic media. This electrocatalysis occurs at very low potentials (from =+200 mV vs RHE), at physiological pH, and at ethanol concentrations that are found in alcoholic patients. When mammalian cells are co-exposed to ethanol and Ag AQCs, alcohol-induced alterations such as rounded cell morphology, disorganization of the actin cytoskeleton, and activation of caspase-3 are all prevented. Overall, the findings not only show that Ag AQCs are efficient electrocatalysts at physiological pH and prevent ethanol toxicity in cultured mammalian cells, but also suggest that Ag AQCs could be used to modify redox reactions and in this way promote or inhibit biological reactions. The full JACS publication can be accessed through:

About Nanogap

Nanogap develops, manufactures and sells novel nanomaterials, including sub-nm atomic quantum clusters, nanoparticles and nanofibres. These materials are currently available in Silver, Gold and Iron Oxide with properties including antimicrobial, conductive, magnetic, fluorescent and catalytic. Nanogap works closely with its customers to develop customised products optimised for use in a variety of industries and applications including coatings & inks, plastic composites, textiles, electronics and biomedical.

Further information on Nanogap products and technologies can be found at Nanogap Contact: Allen Reid, +44 7980 866 656

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