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15 September 2010 Institute of Nanotechnology

IoN September Newsletter

The September 2010 issue of the IoN newsletter provides an overview of the IoN's current activities.
The September 2010 issue of the IoN newsletter provides an overview of the IoN's current activities..
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The latest Institute of Nanotechnology newsletter provides a brief overview of the Institute's current activities.

To view these updates and for an invitation to attend our free webinar 'Nanotechnology for REACH Readiness', view the latest IoN newsletter.

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The latest issue includes the following updates:

  • The IoN is a partner in the CLIP project

    The IoN is a partner in the CLIP project, launched in June 2010, which aims to develop low cost inks for printed electronics applications The €2.7 million project will enable small and medium sized EU based businesses to address the growing potential of printed electronics.

    CLIP website >>

  • Free NanoCharM Workshop on Non-Destructive Real Time Process Control

    Technical University of Berlin, Germany
    13 - 15 October 2010

    The scope of the workshop is to identify and discuss new developments and demands in the community, on the application of ellipsometry and polarimetry for the characterization of a large variety of nanomaterials and related devices.

    Further Information and Free Registration >>

  • EICOON workshop: Nanomaterials for Sustainable Energy

    Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi, India
    EU-India Workshop 1-2 November 2010
    EICOON School 3 - 4 November 2010

    This event will provide a unique opportunity for those involved in nanomaterials research (including funding and policy) in Europe and India to identify synergies and mutual needs to push forward progress to address the important issue of sustainability and the advancement in energy technologies, providing benefits for both regions.

    Further Information and Registration >>

  • NanoCode project moves into the consultation phase

    Online survey open to collect perspectives, opinions, wishes and intentions regarding the The European Code of Conduct for Responsible Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies Research (CoC) from all of those with an interest in its development and implementation.

    Further input to the survey is welcome and the online questionnaire for UK-based respondees may be viewed and completed here.

    Those outside the UK who are interested in participating in the survey should contact Richard Moore, Institute of Nanotechnology at for their relevant survey link.

    Further information about the NanoCode Project >>

  • ObservatoryNANO

    Briefing No.3 - Nano-Enabled Insulation Materials and Briefing No.2 - Photocatalysts for Water Treatment are now available for download. Briefings will be released monthly and are freely available on the ObservatoryNANO website.

    Initiation of a European nanotechnology company survey, based on patent and publication data in addition to desk analysis and extensive expert engagement, to actively support the European Commission innovation strategies.

    Nanometer business tool available soon. The tool aids companies developing nano-enabled products to address Corporate Social Responsibility issues.

    More Information >>

    Analysis continues within many other aspects of the project including societal issues, regulations & standardisation, and environment, health & safety. All project output can be readily accessed from the ObservatoryNano website.

  • NanoSustain

    Project website now fully operational
    Register to access project output as it becomes available

  • ICPC Nanonet

    Free DVDs of the 2nd Annual Workshop in Beijing are now being issued

    The ICPC Nanonet Project, which creates networking tools for nano scientists and researchers across the globe, is now issuing DVDs of the 2nd Annual Workshop which took place in Beijing this year. Get your free copy of the workshop >>

    Nanotechnology for a Knowledge Society - webinar slides now available for free download

    Two webinars have now been held discussing Nanotechnology for a Knowledge Society, organised by Ineke Malsch at Malsch TechnoValuation.NL and supported by the Nano Rights and Peace project and Nanopodium NL.

    View the slides >>

    The Nano Archive

    The archive now hosts over 7,000 items and over 1,000 full texts! More and more scientists are requesting a depositor’s account so that their own research can be archived. If you would like a depositor's account, please contact

    See what the NanoArchive has to offer >>

    Register for free to be an ICPC Nanonet member >>

  • NanoTV

    The NANO-TV project is moving into its final stages with work being completed on the 14 Video News Releases (VNR); these will be available from over the coming months.

    The IoN is also completing work on the Nano Education Tree, to be hosted on the IoN homepage. It will feature details of the many projects interviewed during the NANO-TV project in addition to introductory information on the applications of nanotechnology and issues surrounding its development. The Tree is aimed at the general public and will therefore providing an exciting new educational resource for all visitors to

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