05 August 2009

The Michael Jackson Diamond: Rock with you

We've had the nano toilet, the nano bull, the nano guitar and the nanobama it was simply a matter of time before the nano Michael Jackson made a show and hit the headlines. Jumping on the MJ memorabilia bandwagon, a company in the US has patented a nano procedure to etch an image of your loved one in this case the 'King of Pop' himself into a diamond to last forever.

Currently on sale on ebay, these limited edition bits of bling depict a nano-sized Michael in high resolution generated atom by atom inside the gemstone. The image is grayscale, not black, not white. For individuals who should've gone to a well-known visual aid retailer or who have missed out on the gift of nanoscopic sight, a portable viewing device enables the successful bidder to see the image.

The Michael Jackson diamonds come in two sizes, 0.15 and 1.0 carat and bidding ends August 9th, 2009.

Hair today, diamonds tomorrow

If this doesn't rock your world and you don't balk at the thought of wearing a real piece of Michael, you are not alone so don't stop till you get enough. Prospective purchasers are queuing up to buy one of a unique set of diamonds manufactured from MJ's hair. A Chicago company has said it had obtained some of the locks Jackson burned while filming a 1984 Pepsi commercial and planned to create a limited edition of ten diamonds from them.

The company has a patent on a process that extracts carbon from hair, turns it into crystals and then into high-quality laboratory diamonds. No sale price has been set but the same company created three diamonds from locks of Beethoven's hair in 2007, and sold one of them for around $200,000. It's highly likely that the MJ diamond will beat it.

The Michael Jackson Diamond


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