02 February 2009 Institute of Nanotechnology

ICPC-Nanonet: International Collaboration Launched

ICPCNanoNet is funded by the EU under FP7 for four years from 1st June 2008. It brings together partners from the EU, China, India and Russia and aims to provide wider access to published nanoscience research and opportunities for collaboration between scientists in the EU and International Cooperation Partner Countries. This will be achieved through the creation of an open access electronic archive of nanoscience publications and tools to facilitate networking between scientists in different world regions.

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Research at the nanoscale has the potential to solve many fundamental scientific problems and lead to new developments in different disciplines and application areas such as medicine, electronics, energy, and the environment. Successful outcomes to such research will have a measurable impact on the future well-being of our global society; however this can only be achieved through improving access to information and opportunities for international collaboration. The ICPCNanoNet project is one such initiative in this framework.

It aims to provide:

•  an electronic archive of nanoscience publications that is freely accessible to researchers around the globe;

•  an electronic database of nanoscience organizations and networks in ICPC;

•  links to nanoscience researchers and stakeholders across the globe;

•  annual reports on nanoscience developments in eight ICPC regions: Africa, Caribbean, Pacific, Asia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA), Latin America , Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPC), Western Balkan Countries (WBC);

•  online networking tools (forums, workshops);

•  annual workshops, one in each of EU, China, India, and Russia, which will also be webcast to facilitate greater access.

The project builds on previous initiatives including Nanoforum ( www.nanoforum.org ) which provides information on nanoscience and technology in the EU; EuroIndiaNet ( http://www2.spi.pt/euroindianet/ ) which promotes stronger collaboration between EU and Indian nanoscientists and technologists, and NanoforumEULA ( www.mesaplus.utwente.nl/nanoforumeula/ ) which promotes stronger collaboration between EU and Latin American nanoscientists and technologists.

ICPCNanoNet is coordinated by the Institute of Nanotechnology (UK) and includes Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação (Portugal), St Petersburg Electrotechnical University (Russia), Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (India), Chinese Society of Micro-Nano Technology (China), MERIT, Universiteit Maastricht (Netherlands), and Malsch TechnoValuation (Netherlands).

To register your interest in ICPCNanoNet, please contact the project coordinator:
Dr Mark Morrison, Institute of Nanotechnology, mark.morrison@nano.org.uk, Tel. +44 (0)141 303 8444

or register on the project websites:
www.ICPC-nanonet.org (main project website) and
www.nanoarchive.org (electronic archive).

ICPCNanoNet is funded by the European Union under FP7. Contract number 218282.

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