25 February 2009 Americal Chemical Society

It's Time to Meet the Puppets on the Nano Show Tonight


The Nano Song from nanomonster
Everything you need to know about the wonders of nanotechnology... as a musical... with puppets...

Researchers-turned-filmmakers Patrick Bennett and Ryan Miyakawa from University of California, Berkeley are playing the music and lighting the lights. They have recruited some Muppet-like puppet monsters to star in a video musical that describes nano through a three-minute Sesame Street-style song and dance extravaganza. Called ‘The Nano Song', it covers nanotubes, space elevators, nanosand, and the non-nano iPod, among other topics.

The video is one of a large number of entries in the 'Nanotation Video Competition' organized by the American Chemical Society, challenging people to answer the question ‘What is nano?' in three minutes or less.

The prize money is $500 in cash.

The ACS is accepting video submissions until March 15, 2009. Videos can be entered under various categories, including ‘My Research', ‘Tutorials', and ‘Data Visualization', they must be three minutes or less and will be judged on creativity, scientific clarity of explanation, originality and quality of the video. The contest is open to all registered users; the earlier the video is submitted, the more chance it has of winning viewers' votes.

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