03 July 2009 Rachel Newton SPI/IoN/ICPCNanonet

First Online Nano Workshop Scheduled as ICPC Nanonet Extends Network

The ICPCNanoNet partnership recently presented its accomplishments at an annual workshop, held in June in Prague, including its new open access publications archive and databases of organisations and scientists, focusing on International Cooperation Partner Countries (ICPCs). The event attracted participants from 25 countries including each of the eight ICPC regions. Such was the success of interactions that ICPCNanoNet subsequently extended its partnership to incorporate NANOsciences AFrican NETwork and has scheduled its first online workshop for Wednesday 8th July. In addition, the first annual reports mapping nanoscience and nanotechnology activities in eight ICPC regions have just been released and are now available at http://www.icpc-nanonet.org.

ICPCNanoNet Workshop 2009

The ICPCNanoNet project held its first annual workshop at Prague Congress Centre in the Czech Republic on Monday 1st June 2009, immediately before the highly-profiled EuroNanoForum 2009 conference.

This first workshop focused on the results of the project´s first year, and profiled specific nano activities in the EU and a number of ICPCs. Seven eminent guest speakers, especially invited to this event, highlighted nano developments in their respective regions. The workshop united delegates from 25 countries and eight ICPC regions in Prague and was also accessible to the rest of the world via live online webcast.

Following the success of the day, the ICPCNanoNet partnership of the Institute of Nanotechnology (UK), St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University (RUS), Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (IND), Chinese Society of Micro-Nano Technology (PRC), Malsch TechnoValuation (NL), MERIT of Universiteit Maastricht (NL), and Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação (PT) has welcomed the NANOsciences AFrican NETwork (NanoAfnet) as a new associate partner.

The presentation slides from ICPCNanoNet Workshop 2009 are available at http://www.icpc-nanonet.org . You must be a registered ICPC NanoNet member to view the presentations. Registration is free. In addition, advance orders are being taken for the forthcoming DVD of the proceedings. The first 100 DVDs will be given out to members at no charge.

Plans are now underway for the 2010 workshop to be held in Beijing next June.

ICPC-Nanonet partners and guests.

NanoAfNet representatives with workshop guests and consortium partners

Publication of the ICPC Region Reports

The ICPCNanonet region reports are now available at http://www.icpc-nanonet.org . These are the first of four annual reports on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in the following regions:

•  Africa
•  The Caribbean
•  The Pacific
•  Asia (East) and Asia (West)
•  Eastern Europe and Central Asia
•  Latin America
•  Mediterranean Partner Countries
•  Western Balkan Countries

These reports describe Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (N&N) activities in the International Co-operation Partner Countries (ICPCs) providing information about the region and its N&N publications as well as initiatives, networks, S&T agreements and funding programmes. Detailed descriptions of specific ICPC countries provide insight into their N&N situation and developments including profiles of the main research centres, the specialised areas of interest, and key individuals. The reports are available to all registered members. Registration is free.

If you would like to comment on any of the reports, your feedback is welcome. Please contact the respective author.

ICPCNanoNet publications archive and databases

Among its first achievements, the ICPCNanoNet partnership successfully launched a new publications archive in February 2009. The electronic nano-archive aims to provide open access to published nanoscience and technology research from all corners of the globe. At this moment, there are more than 3,400 publications available and it is growing day by day. Researchers worldwide can be part of this initiative by contributing their articles to the archive at www.nanoarchive.org , not only adding to the wealth of information but also raising their profile in the international community. Anyone interested in archiving their research should contact the Project Coordinator: lesley.tobin@nano.org.uk

Earlier this year, two new databases were launched on the project website: www.ICPC-nanonet.org , presenting organisations and researchers that are active in nanoscience and technology. They contribute to the overall aim of providing collaboration opportunities between organisations and scientists in the EU and ICPC. The organisations database, currently hosting more than 450 entries, provides a description of each entity, its facilities, capabilities, and contact details. Searching the database of researchers will enable users to locate and network with other stakeholders who have corresponding interests and areas of expertise. To benefit from these facilities, organisations and researchers can register their details on the project website.

The Online Workshop

The First ICPC NanoNet Members' Online Workshop will take place on Wednesday 8th July. Two workshops will take place on the same day, at 8:00 and 15:00 hrs BST to allow for global time differences.

Workshop 1: 08.00 am British Summer Time (02.00 am Mexico City , 09.00 am Brussels , 11.00 am St Petersburg , 12.30 pm Bangalore , 15.00 pm Beijing )

Workshop 2: 15.00 pm British Summer Time (09.00 am Mexico City, 16.00 pm Brussels, 18.00 pm St Petersburg,19.30 pm Bangalore, 22.00 pm Beijing)

As well as an introductory overview of the workshop software there will be a chance for participants to raise questions on topics covered in last month's First Annual ICPC NanoNet Workshop in Prague and discuss future activities. For further information, see the programme at http://www.icpc-nanonet.org.

If you would like to participate, please select one or both workshops and email lesley.tobin@nano.org.uk with your selection. You will then receive instructions for connecting. The deadline for this is Tuesday 7th July 15.30 pm (BST).

For further information, please visit the Project websites - www.icpc-nanonet.org and www.nanoarchive.org ; or contact the Project Coordinator, Ms. Lesley Tobin, Institute of Nanotechnology (UK) by e mail: lesley.tobin@nano.org.uk or phone +44 ( 0)1786 458088 .

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