Bioinspired Nanotechnologies for Smarter Products

‘Bioinspired Nanotechnologies for Smarter Products’
- Showcasing a spectrum of applications for a wide range of industries -

20th - 21st March 2007, Society of Chemical Industry, London

This visually exciting conference will explore a range of structures and materials exhibited by animals and plants with applications across many industry sectors including medicine, textiles, aerospace & automotive industries, and defence.

Presentations from international leaders in the field
will focus on how
nanotechnology is enabling nature to be emulated in the quest for better products.
These will include:

  • Steve Mann, University of Bristol: ‘Biomimetic Synthesis and Self-assembly of Functional Nanomaterials’
  • Boris Striffler, University of Bonn: ‘Lotus-Effect: Biomimetic Superhydrophobic Surfaces and their Application’
  • Andrew Parker, The Natural History Museum: ‘Biomimetics of Photonic Nanostructures’
  • Dr Stanislav N. Gorb , Max Planck Institute for Metals Research: ‘Insects did it first: Biomimetic mushroom-shaped fibrillar adhesive microstructure’
  • Dr Paul Barker, University of Cambridge: ‘Charge transfer in biological systems to control structure and dynamics in nanostructured materials’
  • Professor Andy McIntosh, University of Leeds: ‘Fire and Explosions in Nature - some biomimetic possibilities’
  • Professor Lars Berglund, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm: ‘New nanocomposites inspired by the plant cell wall’
  • Professor Julian Vincent, University of Bath: 'Information and structure as the routes of nanotechnology'
  • Dr Jean-Pol Vigneron, BioPhot project, University of Namur: ‘Structural coloration does not necessarily imply a fancy, iridescent or metallic appearance’
  • Professor Roy Sambles, Exeter University: ‘Photonic structures in butterfly scales’
  • Dr Markus Milwich, ITV Dekendorf: ‘Plant Stems as Role Models for Structurally Optimized Biomimetic Composite Profiles with Gradient Structure’
  • Andrew Martin, University of Applied Sciences Bremen: 'Scanning arthropod diverstity for biomimetic solutions'
  • Richard Bonser, University of Reading: 'Biomimetics: where has it come from and where is it going?'

Join participants from the following companies and many more:

Toyota Central R&D Labs Inc, Kodak European Research, Nokia Research Center, Unilever Corporate Research, Sharp Labs of Europe, Diageo, The Natural History Museum, AutoSock, Imerys Minerals Ltd, Merck Chemicals Ltd, Ghent University, Oxonica, National Institute for Materials Science Japan, QinetiQ, Dstl, Centre for Sustainable Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, Materials Today and Nano Today

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