The Institute of Nanotechnology welcomes one of the world's leading experts on food science,
Dr Frans Kampers,
to the Fourth Albert Franks Memorial Lecture,
on 18th January 2007, The Royal Society, London.

'Micro and Nano Technologies for Food -
a healthy and safe option?'

Dr Frans Kampers, Director of BioNT,
Wageningen Biotechnology Centre for Food and Health Innovation.
Dr Frans Kampers

Nanotechnologies will impact many application areas. Food will be one of them. But why would anyone be interested in nanotechnology in food? What are the consumer benefits? Opportunities are new sensors and diagnostics for quality assurance and improved food safety; new concepts for process innovation that will lead to improved products; and better packaging materials for longer freshness that also tell you something about the product inside. In the field of product engineering nanotechnologies can be used to create additives that enhance the nutritional value of food products and therefore contribute to the health and wellbeing of the consumer.

But what the risks associated with these applications? In most cases the nanotechnology does not end up in the food product. And if it is part of the foodstuff it will be in a form that is soluble or easy biodegradable. But there is an intrinsic responsibility for developers to show that the application is safe. And how will consumers react? The consumer acceptance will strongly depend on the risk/benefit evaluation that each individual will make.

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