Molecular biomarkers for bio-nano interactions

AUTHORS: Fanqing Frank Chen

ADDRESS: Life Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory, MS 977R0225A, 1 Cyclotron Rd., Berkeley, CA 94720


ABSTRACT: With the rapid development of nanotechnology and its broad applications, a new wave of industrial revolution is underway.  At nanoscale, the physico-chemical properties of matter change significantly from the bulk material.  New properties emerge that are unimaginable for conventional bulk material, with dramatically enhanced mechanical, electrical, optical, magnetic, catalytic, and other desirable properties.  The benefits of nanotechnology to human society and economy have been very promising, however, the population using and exposed to nanoparticles is expanding quickly with the surge in global production and distribution of nanomaterials.  The unique characteristics that make nanomaterials novel and could potentially be the properties that have profound adverse impacts on human health and environment.  I will discuss the risk assessment strategy that should be employed for dealing with them, especially the molecular profiling techniques used for comprehensive nanotoxicological assessments for physical property-dependent toxicogenomic markers. We have discovered for several sets of molecular markers that respond specifically to nanoparticle size and other physico-chemical properties.



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