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Measurement, Characterisation and Standardisation; Manufacturing, Scale-Up and Processing; Regulation Risks and Toxicology


Programme and abstracts

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Day 1

8.30 Registration and Refreshments
9.10 Welcome and Introduction - Ottilia Saxl / Mark Morrison

Session 1: Manufacturing Scale-up and Processing
(Chair- Dr. Mark Morrison, Institute of Nanotechnology; Peter Hatto, Ionbond/ISO TC 229)
9.20 Keynote: Dr Michael Butler, Unilever - ‘Nanoparticle Applications in Food, Personal Care and Packaging’
9.50 Dr Derek Graham, ICI - ‘Manufacturing Routes for Nanoparticle Synthesis’
10.15 Dr Stephan Barcikowski, Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. - ‘Rapid Nanocomposite Prototyping’
10.40 Refreshments
11.10 Dr Milo Shaffer, Imperial College - ‘Carbon nanotubes: Synthesis, Processing and composites’
11.35 Professor Jim Johnston, Victoria University of Wellington - ‘New Nanoparticle and Quantum Dot Hybrid Materials: Issues for Industry Scale Manufacturing and Applications’
12.00 Dr Markus Klapper, Max-Planck-Institute for Polymer Research - ‘Synthesis of Hydrophobized Inorganic Nanoparticles for the Homogeneous Incorporation in Nanocomposites’
12.30 Lunch
13.45 Professor Lin Li, University of Manchester - ‘Pulsed Laser Ablation in Liquid for Generation of Copper and Titanium Oxide Nanoparticles’
14.10 Dr Nicos Angastiniotis, Higher Technical Institute, Cyprus - ‘Bottom Up Synthesis of Nanomaterial Building Blocks through the use of Metastabilization’
14.35 Dr Ed Lester, University of Nottingham - ‘Scaling up of formulated nanomaterials using hydrothermal synthesis’
15.00 Refreshments

Session 2: Measurement, Characterisation and Standardisation
(Chair- James Johnstone, NPL)
15.30 Keynote: Dr Peter Hatto, IonBond Ltd / ISO TC 229
16.00 Dr Hermann Stamm, JRC ISPRA - ‘Relevance of the physico-chemical characterization of nanoparticles for toxicity testing’
16.25 Dr Bob Carr, Nanosight - ‘Nanoparticle detection and analysis – tracking nanoparticles in a sample, directly and individually, to give high resolution particle size distributions’
16.50 Dr Rick Trutna, Agilent Technologies - ‘A Spectroscopic Particle Sizing Instrument ’
17.15 Dr Alexandre Cuenat, NPL - ‘Overview of UK National Measurement system activities in nanoparticle metrology’
17.40 Drinks Reception and Poster Viewing


Day 2

8.45 Refreshments
9.15 Welcome and Introduction to Day 2

Session 3: Panel discussion - The Big Issue(s)
(Chair- IoN)
9.20 Introduction from chair, summary of conference so far
9.35 General discussion, with questions from audience.
Panel members:
  • James Johnston,NPL
  • Del Stark, ENTA
  • Dr John Garrod, DEFRA
  • Lynne Bergeson, Esquire Bergeson & Campbell PC
  • Dr Derek Graham, ICI
  • Trudy Phelps, ABHI and Chair of CEN TC 352
  • 11.15 Refreshments

      Session 4: Regulations, Risks and Toxicology
    (Chair- Trudy Phelps, CEN TC 352)
    11.45 Keynote: Dr John Garrod, Defra - ‘An update on the Government's EHS Research Programme on Nanomaterials’
    12.15 Mr Niall O’Brien, UCD - ‘A qualitative risk assessment framework model for nanomaterials resulting from environmental applications’
    12.40 Dr Frederic Schuster, CEA (France) and Nanosafe2
    13.05 Lunch
    14.10 Professor Robert Lee, Centre for Business Relationships, Accountability, Sustainability and Society (BRASS) , Cardiff University - ‘Regulating Nanomaterials: 'Mind the Gap'’
    14.35 Ms Lynn Bergeson, Bergeson & Campbell, P.C. - ‘Emerging Global Governance Strategies: A Summary Overview’
    15.00 Dr Richard Handy, University of Plymouth - ‘Toxic Effects of Nanomaterials to Trout: Implications for Fish Toxicity Testing & Regulation’
    15.25 Closing Remarks

    Conference: Nanoparticles for European Industry II

    For further information contact Gemma McCulloch, gemma.mcculloch@nano.org.uk



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