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About NanoMedicine

NEAT - Nano, Enabling and Advanced Technologies Post-Graduate Course Directory

About our courses

Currently, medical professionals receive very little specific training in nanotechnology or how it is likely to impact new medical products, drug discovery and delivery, or the practice of medicine. At the same time research in the field of nanomedicine is growing exponentially across all areas of medical technology and in most clinical disciplines.

In this context the Institute of Nanotechnology, an acknowledged leader in nanotechnology information, and Cranfield University, one of Europe’s foremost providers of postgraduate and continuing professional education, have teamed up to provide a unique series of short professional courses designed to address the growing need for knowledge of how nanotechnology will contribute to the evolution of medicine and the challenges involved in bringing its benefits safely to patients.

Courses range from an introductory “What is Nanomedicine?” module, which provides a broad insight into what nanotechnology is and how it can be applied across a wide range of medical disciplines, to individual primers on specialist topics designed to inform professionals already interested in those field of the impact that medical nanotechnology will have. All of the courses are modular in nature, therefore it is not necessary to attend the modules in a particular order – the courses are designed as a ‘pick and mix’ covering a variety of different topics relating to the medical arena.

Aims and objectives

Institute of Nanotechnology / Cranfield University short courses are delivered by acknowledged experts in their respective fields and are designed to be

- relevant: addressing topics of key importance to the needs of attendees
- practical: short, intensive and designed to meet the needs of busy professionals
- topical: covering key scientific and medical aspects with relevant clinical examples
- interactive: allowing plenty of opportunity for dialogue with presenters
- responsive: covering key scientific, clinical, ethical, and safety issues of the day

Because of the modular nature of the courses and the extensive panel of expertise that both the Institute of Nanotechnology and Cranfield University can draw upon, courses can be designed also to meet the specific needs of specialist groups if required.

For further information on how a course can be tailored to meet your organisation’s individual needs please see ‘Tailored Courses ’ or contact

Why attend

Knowledge of, and the increasing ability to engineer and manufacture, at the nanoscale (one billionth of a metre) are rapidly transforming many areas of human endeavour and, amongst these, medicine is at the forefront. Many new medical technology products and drug delivery systems that incorporate nanotechnology are already appearing in the market with thousands more in the pipeline and yet more in early stages of research. Some analysts are already predicting global sales of $100 billion of nanotechnology-based medical products by the end of the next decade. At the same time, a very large proportion of these innovative new products, exploiting the novel properties of materials at the nanoscale will offer significant patient benefits and, in many cases, solutions to previously intractable medical problems.

It is likely that nanotechnology will impact almost all areas of medical technology and clinical practice within the coming decade and those without a basic understanding of the science and technology involved, and of the key issues associated with nanomedicine, are likely to be at a severe disadvantage.

It is with this growing need in mind that the Institute of Nanotechnology and Cranfield, both pioneering organisations in the field of nanotechnology are delighted to partner together in offering this innovative joint programme of short professional training courses in nanomedicine.

Who should attend

Executives, Directors, R & D personnel, Scientists, Clinicians or Academics who:

· Want to expand existing medical company into applications using nanotechnology
· Want to learn about existing and future applications of nanotechnology in this field
· Are in the medical field
· Are in the nanomaterials field
· Are in the pharmaceutical field
· Are in the biotechnology field
· Company who supplies to nanomedical firm
· Have an interest in the future of medicine
· Are looking for networking opportunities in this field

The courses are also delivered under the general umbrella of the NanoMedNet network ( which is committed to

- providing the most up-to-date information on all aspects of the emerging field of nanomedicine.
- raising the awareness of, and developing the education and training of, medical professionals and related medical and scientific disciplines in all aspects of nanomedicine.
- contributing to medical nanotechnology transfer and the commercialisation of novel ideas through the development of a clinician-researcher-industry community.

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