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Materials Markets for Inorganic Thin-Film Photovoltaics: 2010

Category: Transport, Energy & Environment Published: Dec 2009 View Contents
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This report provides latest analysis and forecast of the opportunities for the materials used by the three main thin-film photovoltaic (TFPV) technologies; CIGS, silicon, and CdTe. We cover both the absorber and electrode materials, as well the latest materials-related PV developments such as the use of nanocrystalline silicon, PV inks, flexible substrates and advanced antireflection materials and barrier films.

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These products and markets are discussed in the context of where the PV industry as a whole stands today, and where the profitable opportunities will be found as the worldwide economy improves. The materials strategies of the key cell and module players in TFPV are also discussed in this report, as well as the product/market strategies of the key materials firms supplying into this segment. We also explore in this report the strong relationship between materials, manufacturing, cost, and applications. In addition, we include eight-year forecasts of materials volumes and revenues.

We are unique in our coverage of the materials used in TFPV and this report is essential reading for business development managers and marketing executives in the businesses of the various materials that are used by TFPV.