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NanoCode International Conference - REGISTER NOW!

29 September 2011, Hotel Silken Berlaymont, Brussels

The NanoCode International Conference will take place on the 29th September 2011 in Brussels, Belgium
The NanoCode International Conference will take place on the 29th September 2011 in Brussels, Belgium.
Image Credit: NanoCode.

The FP7 NanoCode Project has, over the past year, engaged in a broad stakeholder dialogue in European Member States and beyond aimed at gauging perspectives and attitudes toward the European Code of Conduct for Responsible Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies Research. This dialogue has been an essential precursor to identifying opportunities to develop further tools and recommendations improve uptake and use of the Code.

The NanoCodeConference will give interested parties a first-hand opportunity to contribute to shaping these tools and recommendations, to influence the future revision of the Code by the European Commission and to contribute to practices and policies at international level aimed at developing a framework for responsible innovation.
This Conference is taking place with the active participation of EC representatives and a distinguished panel of international presenters, and will contribute to initiatives to support innovation within the European Union along the lines indicated by the Europe 2020 Agenda.

The Conference will be of interest to all organisations and companies interested in the responsible development of nanotechnologies and, in a wider context, the development of a framework for responsible innovation. Attendance is free but registration is required via the NanoCode website >>

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