The Institute of Nanotechnology is pleased to announce the Third Albert Franks
Memorial Lecture, on 18th January 2006, The Royal Society, London.

'Tales of the Unexpected: Smart Holograms in Crime, Sport and Medicine'
Chris Lowe, Cambridge University

Chris Lowe
Holograms are not just a clever technique for enabling us to print or see 3-D images; there is a new generation of holograms that also behave as miniaturised analytical tools. These new holograms provide eyecatching readouts that will astound, amaze and terrify any would-be criminal; they will delight housewives, househusbands and food companies with ways of ensuring food is bought at its best; they will thrill pharmaceutical companies and the police by giving them a new weapon in the fight against counterfeit products; and even the latest UK tennis hope will be aided in his quest for even greater greatness - through this amazing new holographic technique. Hear from Professor Chris Lowe about the exiting new technology that has the potential to impact most aspects of human activity.
17.45 - 18.30
Drinks Reception
18.30 - 20.00

Attendance is FREE.

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National Physical Laboratory